Trading my lists for reminders

I have many times how much I love lists- any kind, about anything... something about checking things off makes me feel so good! During the past few years, Father has been weaning me off of these lists and my dependence on them- but I regress so often. My oldest son put an app on my phone that is like a post-it note that I can type any quick list on and see as soon as I pull up the screen. I love it. That little pink square just makes me happy because I use it to determine how "productive" my day has been... a kind of ridiculous idea, since the things I put on it are tasks I will just do again tomorrow or the next day, and how do you check off loving on my babies, creating a safe nest for them, guiding them in His ways, meditating on His Word instead of my feelings, praying for a hurting friend- the things that truly make my day productive.

So... for a week or so I have been replacing my lists with reminders, not things I have to do, but with things that I  AM. The current one says: "I am FREE from anger, frustration, complaining, control, fear and self-doubt! I am calm, gentle, grateful, trusting in God and confident in Him!" Words of truth, of encouragement, of life-change... and producing such different effects than a list of what I have not had the chance to get to today, like wiping baseboards, cleaning out the fridge drawers, organizing my closet by color... see, I told you I am sick- I actually think I am going to get around to these things before my kids leave home. I know, ridiculous... but that imaginary "HER" keeps showing up pointing a finger at all that does not get done- and in this small way I am ignoring "HER" and listening to HIM- what a difference it makes in the way that I feel when I turn on my phone. From a wave of anxiety to a sense of love and contentment... because I know that Father "calls things that are not as if they are."( Romans 4:17) In Him, Who I am is how He sees me, and the things I do don't determine His love... I can feel my soul just sigh in relief...

Maybe you have been tied down to expectations, too and need to replace them with some Truth. I know that I will never give up my lists completely, but I want them to have the proper place in my life. Oh so grateful for grace as I learn this!

What kind of Truth will you say to yourself today that the King is saying about you? Share with me and let's encourage each other!